Hindi Consonants

Hindi Alphabets with Word meaning & Pronunciation  Consonants Now that you have read, memorized and repeated your lessons on Vowels, we take you forward with Consonants. These again need your special attention, reading, understanding and memorizing so that in future whenever you see a … Continue reading

Consonants-शsh to हha

Hindi Consonants with Pronunciation श sh to ह ha This mostly is the last group of Hindi Consonants, though, another set, also contains few letters but they are normally not used in day to day life but for academic reasons you can view them. How do feel today, relieved at reaching end of … Continue reading

Consonants – प pa to म ma

Hindi Consonants with Pronunciation प pa to म ma Till now we have learnt about Hindi vowels and many Hindi consonants, if you feel you need more practice then do open those lessons and spend some more time with them. For those of you who eager to proceed, we take a step forward towards … Continue reading