Story for Kids-Who saved Myna

The darkness of the night had become dense. The clouds were growling. Lightning and thunderbolt warned of strong gale and very heavy rains. It seemed as if torrential rains were not far away.
Myna was very nervous. She had flown very far from her nest. She was confused and distraught as she was unable to find a safe place to pass the night. She was frightened to spend the night all alone on a tree.
While flying, she came across a tree where a bunch of crows were sitting and talking among themselves. She felt relieved after seeing so many crows. After all she had found a place to stay the night without being alone. With a flutter of her wings she flew in that direction and perched on a branch of that tree. 
Then she asked the crows “Brothers, can I stay here for tonight.” But the crow chief denied her permission saying “No, this is our tree, no one else can live here except us. Run away from here. “
On hearing this she pleaded “Brothers, I will stay in a corner and will not trouble anyone. Think of me, where will I go in this night of terror.”
But there was no impact of Myna’s request on those crows. “If you do not run away from here, then we will kill you.” After their warning, all started moving menacingly towards Myna. Fearing for her life poor Myna left the tree with a heavy heart.
But before flying away in search of another safe place to hide she wished them “May God protect you.” All the crows started to laugh and told her “Go and talk to your God, maybe he will come to protect you.”
Depressed and frightened Myna flew from there and sat on another tree. 
In short time clouds started to growl furiously and rains came down heavily. The deafening rumbling of thunder lightening and rain storm started. Myna became very scared and started shifting from one branch to another to save herself from the wrath of nature. She also started to pray to her God to save her from such devastation. 
She had not even finished her prayer when a branch of tree broke and crashed on ground. In the glare of lightening she saw a small hollow pit in the tree from where that branch had broken off. That was a perfect hideout for the night.
The moment she took shelter in that hideout a heavy hailstorm started. But Myna was saved by the grace of God. Heavy rains and hailstorm continued whole night and abated only in the morning. 
In the morning when weather was clearer Myna came out of her hideout and thanked God. Then she started to prepare herself for her journey back home. 
While flying home she came across that tree from where crows had made her run away the previous night. She could see broken branches scattered all around and few of the crows lying dead on ground. Many were nursing their injuries with loud howls of pain. The hailstorm had done the damage.
She neared them and said “Look, God has saved me, if you too had trust in Him then you all would not have suffered this misery.” 
God is always there for us but we too should support
each other in dreadful times.
Help others, tomorrow you may also need some help.

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