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Hindi for Foreigners & Non-Hindi speaking Indians

Greetings in Hindi is “Namaste”

Hello,नमस्ते  (namaste)! We teach this graceful language, Hindi, in easy to follow steps/lessons. Just remember, practice brings perfection!
Keep practicing as all lessons are Free!

Devanagari “देवनागरी ” – Hindi Alphabets

Hindi – Vowels       Hindi – Consonants 

Hindi is written in Devanagari “देवनागरी “script. Apart from Hindi this script is also used to write Sanskrit, Marathi, Nepali etc. Hindi Alphabets might surprise you a bit due to their shape and way of writing. Let me assure you, with practice it will become much easier. Just remember, Hindi is much easier compared to English. In construction industry we use “C” in Crush as well in Cement. Crush sound starts with “k” while Cement sound with “s”. But that is not the case with Hindi where the word sounds same as the first alphabet. Isn’t it easy. Click above to start your journey through Hindi Alphabets. Happy learning!


Basic Hindi Words – for everyday use

While trying to speak in a language, that you are still learning, it becomes difficult to recollect a word to describe an article or a situation or address someone. Here in this section we give you opportunity to learn some basic Hindi words which you can bring into your conversations. This will also be helpful for those travelling to India as tourist or on business.

Conversational Phrases 

In this section, there are numerous situational conversations which will support your learning of correct pronunciation of words and phrases. Try to focus only on ONE conversation a day and practice that till your pronunciation matches that you hear. Click above to read and listen to many already listed and keep coming to this section more often as conversational phrases are added periodically.

Hindi Numbers

Your education of Hindi will be incomplete if Hindi Numbers are not learnt by heart. Imagine a scenario, you have just liked a dress in an Indian showroom and the attendant quotes “ek hazaar” and you are clueless to what he is saying. You want a discount of “10%” but are helpless as you can’t say that in Hindi numbers. Well, despair not. This section will teach you Hindi numbers in a fun way so that stay etched in your mind forever. Click above to learn Hindi Numbers.


Happy Learning!!