Hindi Conversations
with Pronunciation


The very first word you should learn in Hindi is the word for Hello which is… नमस्ते na-ma-ste. Note here that this form of greeting can be used anytime of the day, though, Hindi language also has different words for good morning/good evening but they are rarely used. You can learn about them later.


Listen to the sound of नमस्ते na-ma-ste..repeat..repeat it again   see how easy!

So a very important word to be learnt in today’s lesson is namaste. Learning its pronunciation is essential and for that repeat this word over and over again till you are able to pronounce exactly as the audio. 


Many times you will find people joining their hands, as shown above, while saying नमस्ते

Yes, you have done it   Now you know how to greet someone in Hindi. If still you feel there is more practice needed…well who is stopping you..go ahead and practice as much as you want.


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