Body Parts

Basic Hindi Words
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Human Body Parts

Learning Basic Hindi Words will surely help you in understanding or while conversing in Hindi language, however, we have tried to make learning more easier with our Hindi Conversation section. There you will come across real time conversation in English, Hindi, Transliteration and Hindi Pronunciation.


Words in English Words in Hindi Transliteration Audio
 Head  सिर  Sir
 Eyes  आंखें  Ankh-ein
 Nose  नाक  Naak
 Teeth  दांत  Daant
 Lips  होंठ  Honth
 Neck  गर्दन  Gardan
 Shoulder  कंधा  Kandha
 Chest  छाती  Chaati
 Heart  दिल  Dil
 Stomach  पेट  Pet
 Arm बाजू  Baa-ju
 Finger  उंगली  Ungli
 Hand  हाथ  Haath
 Wrist  कलाई  Ka-lai
 Nail  नाखून  Na-khoon
 Thigh  जांघ  Jaa-ngh
 Leg  टांग  Taa-ng
 Foot  पैर  Per
 Toe  पैर की अंगुली  Per Ki Ungli
 Ankle  टखने  Takh-ne

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