Meal Times / Food

Basic Hindi Words
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Meal Times / Food

Learning Basic Hindi Words will surely help you in understanding or while conversing in Hindi language, however, we have tried to make learning more easier with our Hindi Conversation section. There you will come across real time conversation in English, Hindi, Transliteration and Hindi Pronunciation.


 Words in English  Words in Hindi  Transliteration  Audio
 Breakfast सुबह का नाश्ता  Subha Ka Naash-ta  
 Lunch  दोपहर का खाना  Dopahar Ka Khana  
 Teatime  चाय का समय  Chai Ka Sa-may  
 Dinner  रात का खाना  Raat Ka Khana  
 Coffee  कॉफ़ी  Kaafi  
 Fish  मछली  Mach-li  
 Milk दूध   Doo-dh  
 Onion  प्याज  Pyaz  
 Salad  सलाद  Salad  
 Beverage  पेय  Pey  
 Cake  केक  Kek  
 Cheese  पनीर  Pan-eer  
 Vegetable  सबजी  Sabji  
 Water  पानी  Paa-ni  

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