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Who is She

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In everyday life there are so many situations, one comes across, where  questions and answers are bound happen. Here are few general things 

Who is she?

Who is she?woh kaun haiवह कौन है
She is Ritawoh Rita haiवह रीता है

Where is she going?

Where is she going?woh kahan ja rahi haiवह कहाँ जा रही है
Rita is going to hospitalRita haspataal ja rahi haiरीता हस्पताल जा रही है

Why is she going to hospital?

Why is Rita going to hospital?Rita haspataal kyo ja rahi haiरीता हस्पताल क्यों जा रही है?

Because she has fever

Because she has feverkyonki usko bukhaar haiक्योंकि उसको बुखार है

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