Tired after Office

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Tired after Office

Here are few dialogues exchanged between Jack and Maria when he found her a bit disturbed. 


What is the matter Maria?

Jack saw Maria walking towards her home and called her name. She stopped and turned around to see Jack smiling at her. Jack walked up to her and smiled back but looking at that ashen face of Maria he could make out something was not right and she was just being polite.
What is the matter Maria?Mariya kya baat haiमरिया क्या बात है?

I am very tired / I want to sleep early tonight

Maria, knowing fully that her facial expressions have betrayed her, took a deep breath and said
I am very tiredmain bahut thak gayi hoonमैं बहुत थक गयी हूं
I want to sleep early tonightmain aaj jaldi sona chahti hoonमैं आज जल्दी सोना चाहती हूं

You hurry up, it is about to rain

Showing his concern Jack asks Maria to hurry up as rain was expected any moment
You hurry up, it is about to rainTum Jaldi Karo, Baarish aney wali haiतुम जल्दी करो, बारिश आने वाली है

Thanks, see you soon

And like a good girl Maria heeds to Jack’s advice, thanks him, and rushes to get inside her home.
Thanks, see you soonDhanayawaad, jaldi miltey hainधन्यवाद, जल्दी मिलते हैं

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