“Yes” and “No”

Hindi Conversations
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“Yes” and “No”

It is very common of people asking if a particular object is yours. You should know how to reply in simple Hindi. Lets learn some day-to-day question and their answers in Yes and No



Is that your car? / Yes, that is my car

Is that your car?kya vo tumhari car haiक्या वो तुम्हारी कार है?
Yes, that is my carhaan vo meri car haiहाँ वो मेरी कार है

Are you a lawyer? / Yes, i am a lawyer

Are you a lawyer?kya tum vakil hoक्या तुम वकील हो?
Yes, i am a lawyerhaan, main vakil hoonहाँ में वकील हुँ

Are you going home? / No, i am going to park

Are you going home?kya tum ghar ja rahey hoक्या तुम घर जा रहे हो ?
No, i am going to parkNahin, mein park ja raha hoonनहीं, मैं पार्क जा रहा हूँ

Park would have closed at seven / No, park closes at eight

Park would have closed at sevenPark saat bajey bund ho gaya hoogaपार्क सात बजे बंद हो गया होगा
No, park closes at eightNahin, park aath bajey band hota haiनहीं, पार्क आठ बजे बंद होता है

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