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Phone Call

The moment Maria enters her home the clouds burst open with torrential rains, flooding the neighborhood. Next morning she wakes up to a bright and sunny day, sunlight filtering through her window panes and she feels that rejuvenation and elation. That reminds her to call Jack. She calls him..trrrring trrrring. Jack answers in a sleepy voice and the conversation goes like this


Hello, who is speaking?

Jack: Hello, who is speaking?hello, kaun bol raha haiहेलो, कौन बोल रहा है?
Maria: I am Maria speakingmain Maria bol rahi hoonमैं मरिया बोल रही हूं

Is it still raining?

Jack: Is it still raining?kya abhi bhi baarish ho rahi haiक्या अभी भी बारिश हो रही है?
Maria: No, weather has changednahin, mausam badal gaya haiनहीं, मौसम बदल गया है

Can we meet today?

Jack: Can we meet today?kya aaj mil sakte hainक्या आज मिल सकते हैं?
Maria: you come to my home in the eveningtum sham ko mere ghar aajaoतुम शाम को मेरे घर आजाओ
Jack: Alright, lets meet in eveningtheek hai, sham ko milte hainठीक है, शाम को मिलते हैं

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