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Greetings & Introduction

Very often foreigners inquire about “how to learn to speak Hindi”. Friends, easy and fast method of learning is to memorize sentences which you need to use in everyday life. Start here by knowing how to greet someone.


Greetings in Hindi "नमस्ते" "Namaste"

When you see someone what is the first sentence that you say “Hi / Hello”. This a form of greeting which when said in Hindi is “Namaste”. So try and remember this as
Hi / HelloNamasteनमस्ते


Good Morning/Good Night

Then there are different greetings depending on the time of the day, Like “Good Morning”, “Good Night” etc. Please note: in India "Namaste" = नमस्ते can be used anytime of the day/night but there are some expressions in Hindi, though these are rarely used, such as
Good MorningSuprabhaatसुप्रभात
Good NightShubh Raatriशुभ रात्रि


My name is Jack/I am Jack

Depending on the familiarity with the other person you introduce yourself as “My Name is Jack / I am Mariya”. Now read below how this introduction will go in Hindi
My Name is JackMera Naam Jack haiमेरा नाम जैक है
I am JackMain Jack hoonमैं जैक हूं


What is your name?

You have introduced yourself but the other person is just smiling and seem hesitant to introduce himself/herself. You are left with no other option but to ask his/her name
What is your name?Aap ka naam kya hai?आप का नाम क्या है?


How are you?

Names exchanged, smiles exchanged but courtesies are not over yet. In a normal course of life, even if you both are friends, one would ask the other
How are you?Aap kesey hain?आप कैसे हैं?


I am fine

And, even if you are battling a war at home, you would, for courtesy sake, say
I am finemain theek hoonमैं ठीक हूं

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