Hindi Charts for Kids

बच्चों के लिए हिंदी चार्ट

For a child visual learning is very important as it speeds up memorizing alphabets, numbers, articles by relating with that particular object depicted in chart. We recommend that you visit this page more often as we keep adding new charts which can speed up your child’s learning process.


  1. अच्छी आदतें-Good Habits

  2. सब्जियां-Vegetables
  3. फल-Fruits
  4. फूल-Flowers
  5. जानवर-Animals
  6. स्वर-Vowels
  7. हिंदी गिनती-Hindi Numbers
  8. पक्षी-Birds
  9. आकार-Shapes
  10. मौसम-Seasons
  11. रंग-Colors
  12. सप्ताह-Days of Week
  13. पालतु जानवर-Domestic Animals
  14. लिंग-Gender-2
  15. लिंग-Gender-1
  16. संख्या-Numbers 1-10
  17. व्यंजन-Consonants
  18. विलोम शब्द