English Story-Your mischief should not harm others

Your mischief
should not harm others
Shivni was a very naughty girl. Whether it was home or school, it was his daily routine to cause trouble to others.
If mother asks her to take a bath, she will run away to play. If mother calls her to eat food, then she will take a book in her hand and hide under the bed. In the school, if teacher asks her to do the counting, she will starts sketching pictures in the notebook. The teacher asks her to tell a story, she will start singing.
Mother and the teacher tried curbing her such bad habits but it fell on deaf ears. On the contrary, her mischiefs started to increase daily.
One night when Shivani was sleeping at home, someone knocked on the window of her room. Shivnani was afraid, to hear the knocking so late in the night. With fright in her heart she got up and opened the window. When she opened the window, she was stunned to see a beautiful angel standing there. She had never seen such an angel before so she kept staring and admiring her beauty. 
That angel rotated her hand in air and a golden color magical stick appeared in her hand. Extending her hand she gave that magical stick to Shivani and said, “I am very happy with you baby girl, so I grant you a boon. Every time you will point this stick towards something and say disappear, it will disappear.”  
She could not believe what the angel had just said. Shivani, to test, pointed that stick on the glass of milk lying on her table and said, “Disappear”, and the glass disappeared within a moment. seeing the result Shivani was ecstatic and her happiness knew no bounds.
She could not sleep that night, she kept thinking what kind of pranks she could play in the morning. A little later, she fell asleep while planning new mischiefs.
Next morning, as usual, the cute little chirping birds flew in to sit on her window. That broke Shivani’s sleep. With sleep still in her eyes, she shooed them away, as she wanted to sleep longer. Birds flew away to come back a moment later and started chattering more intensely. 
Shivani felt irritated and angry, and was about to shoo them away once again when she remembered the magical stick. She pulled the stick from under her pillow and turned it towards the birds and said “Disappear”. And, magically, all the birds disappeared. She felt relieved and sank into her pillow for some more sleep.
After sometime, her mother woke her up with instructions to get ready for school, as it was already getting late. Remembering those mischievous plans she had made, she immediately shot out of bed and rushed to get ready for school.
Shivani arrived in school, with a cunning glee donning her face, and right away started the storm of magic stick.  
Someone found his bag missing, other’s pencil disappeared, school peon could not find his shoes and a visitor, to his horror, found his hat vanished from his head. Class teacher came to the class and kept her handbag on table, only to have it disappear. During recess time all the teachers sat down to to eat their lunch but were shocked to find all their tiffin had disappeared. 
All were not only shocked but surprised and disturbed over such happenings. It was beyond any logic and understanding, nor did anyone know who was doing it. The concern became more serious and fearsome when the school peon had to run to each class to announce closing time, as the school gong had also disappeared. 
Everyone was worried, except Shivani who despite wearing a worried look was elated and overjoyed seeing the chaos she had created all around with her magical stick.
At night, she fell asleep remembering, with a naughty smile, all the pranks she had played in her school.
In the morning when she woke up, it seemed a bit strange to her, as if something was missing that morning. She wondered what it was, and then all of a sudden she looked towards the window only to find it empty. Cute little birds and their chirping was missing.  
Her heart sank when she realised how she had made the birds disappear yesterday morning. She felt guilty and started to hate herself for what she had done, merely, for few moments of more sleep. With tears of repentance in her eyes, she realised how her silly pranks make life very difficult for others, how her naughtiness can harm someone. 
Once the realisation set in, she started to cry inconsolably. Wailing and promising to not play such mischiefs anymore, she hid her face in the pillow.
Suddenly she heard some commotion outside her window. Presuming that cute little birds have returned, she rushed to open the window. The birds had not come back but she found the same smiling angel standing there. Looking at Shivani’s face she asked her “Why are you crying, my child?” 
These words were enough for Shivani to burst out crying. She bowed down and clasped angel’s hands asking for forgiveness. She promised the angel that she will never indulge in such mischief which may harm someone. Shivani had learnt her lesson. 
She prayed to the angel to bring her beloved birds back. Knowing how girl had reformed, the angel promised to bring back those chirping birds provided she returned that magic stick.
Shivani gladly returned that stick. In a moment all the birds appeared on her window with their usual chattering. Shivani’s heart was filled with love once again. She started playing and dancing with birds.
Remember, your mischief should not harm others.

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