English Story for Kids – Truthful Vicky

Vicky was very happy and excited. 

His school will be celebrating Independence Day tomorrow. The entire building will wear a festive look, with colorful flags and flowers. Students will present a impressive and magnificent cultural performance. Patriotic songs will fill the air and then our Principal will deliver a speech and unfurl our lovely tricolor. 

But when he reached home his enthusiasm came crashing down. 

Dad was suffering a lot of pain in his chest and all were, anxiously waiting for the arrival of family doctor. In a while, the doctor came and started treatment. With medication the pain decreased and father went to sleep peacefully. However, the doctor cautioned us, if pain reoccurs then to get Dad admitted to the nearest hospital immediately.

All night Vicky and her mother took turns to take care of his father and give medicines. At around 4 o’clock in the morning, chest pains started again. Mother, immediately called for an Ambulance and in short time dad was admitted in the hospital.

At the hospital, doctors started treatment and by noon Dad was fully recovered. With dietary restrictions and prescription for medicines he was discharged from hospital. 

On reaching home Vicky realized that he had completely forgotten about Independence day celebrations at school. He felt sad on having missed the fun of it but was more then happy on seeing his father sleeping peacefully. Father’s good health was more important.

Next day, he found that many students had not come to school for that function. The principal was furious, a day earlier, he had explained the importance of Independence Day and had asked all to attend. 

A list was prepared of all those who had absented themselves on that day. All absentees were shamed and punished in front of entire school. Due to oversight Vicky’s name was missing from that list. 

When the principal was about to leave Vicky raised his hand seeking permission to speak. He walked up to the principal and said

“Sir, you forgot to punish me. I was also absent yesterday.”

On hearing his confession the principal forgot his anger and smiled. With moist eyes he put his hands on Vicky’s shoulders and said

“The student who has the courage to accept his mistakes needs no punishment. But promise me that you will never leave the path of truthfulness ever.” 

And other students started to clap and cheer Vicky for his commendable thoughts and feelings.

Children! never leave the path of truthfulness, even in adverse conditions.

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