English Story for Kids-Importance of Studies

Importance of Studies

It happened every day, whenever Rajesh took out his books to study his mind started to wander. Instead of studying he would rush out to have fun with his friends. Though his mother never stopped him from playing but always emphasised that it was equally important to study also. But he was in the habit of doing things which suited him.


At a time when fellow students would come from school and started studying after some rest, he would watch TV. When others, after playing for 2-3 hours, went back home to study, he would be found lost in comic books.


Naturally, it affected his quarterly results. He had, barely, managed to score passing marks.


Seeing the drastic drop his percentage, his mother was furious and scolded him left and right. She did not forbid him from playing or to read comic books but herself set his time table for studies. He was told, in an uncompromising manner, to follow the time table.


Fearful of inviting his mother’s wrath, he would open his books and pretend to study, whereas, his mind was miles away.


There were hardly few days left in the final exams, when a small incident changed his thinking.


One evening, his mother told him that the ironing man had not come back with his school uniform yet, and if he does not turn up then what will he wear to school next day.  Mother was worried that he might be down with fever and lying at home. So she asked Rajesh to go to his house to check on him and bring back uniform.


Ironing man’s house was in a nearby under developed locality so Rajesh set out to go on foot.


That locality housed poor people and in many houses there seemed to be no electricity, though, there stood few street lights trying to penetrate the darkness all around.


On reaching the ironing man’s house he found his mother’s fear had come true. The old man was lying on a cot and running very high fever. His wife told Rajesh that he wanted to deliver the uniform but due to fever and weakness he could not.


Rajesh took his uniform and started to walk back home. He had barely taken few steps when his eyes fell on a boy sitting under a street light. Getting closer, he saw couple of books in his lap and he was busy writing something in the notebook. Out of curiosity he went up to him and asked why he was studying sitting on the road so late in the night.


The boy told him that during the day he accompanies his father to sell vegetables in different homes and then during afternoon shares household chores with his mother. After finishing all the work he attends an evening school which closes at 8pm. So this is the only time he gets to finish his homework. As there was no electricity in his house, sitting under that street light was the only option.


Rajesh was stunned on seeing the passion of this boy who under such adverse conditions was happy to toil, under a street light, to study. Whereas he, who had every amenity and luxury at home, never cared to study but whiled away his time in wasteful activities.


Looking at his determination Rajesh felt ashamed of himself and tears welled up in eyes. He started to walk towards his house but his mind was engrossed in deep thoughts.


While I play throughout the day, watch TV or read comics, whereas, he is happy to study sitting on the road even after helping his mother and father.


Even before he had reached his home Rajesh had resolved that from now onwards he would concentrate on studies.


And that firm decision of Rajesh showed in his annual report card. He had not only passed with very good grades but also had stood first in his class.


Though, playing and other activities are essential but never undermine the importance of studies.


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