English Short Story-Father is Alive

Father is Alive
Dina Nath was a very skilled and famous artisan of diamonds. His magical hands carved and shaped diamonds in such a fashion that dazzled people. 
Demand of diamonds cut and polished by Dina Nath grew day by day as customers were ready to pay any amount of money for his workmanship. Naturally, jewellers were the happiest lot as they made big profits.
Twice a week Dina Nath would go to the jewellery showrooms to collect the uncut diamonds and would bring them home as he had a small workshop set up at home. 
His son, Suresh, was still studying in school. But whenever Dina Nath would start carving diamonds, the son would curiously follow the process of shaping and polishing diamonds. Sensing his eagerness the father began to explain the nuances of his skill to him. Sometimes he gave him a little diamond to experiment on, and Suresh was thrilled and excited to show his skills.
With passage of time and hard work, his Suresh also became a very skilled artisan like his father which made Dina Nath happy and proud. With both of them working the amount of work also doubled and earnings rose considerably. Somehow, it escaped Dina Nath’s mind to tell the jewellers about the skilled qualities of his son. They were always under the impression that the finished products were done by Dina Nath.
One morning Dina Nath died after a severe heart attack. The son sank into depression and would just keep staring at his father’s picture the whole day. His mother tried hard to get him out of that trance but could not succeed. 
After the death of Dina Nath, there was no income coming in, even it became difficult for mother to run the house. On some days she could not even cook food as there was no money left in the house. Weeping and wailing she somehow managed to coax Suresh to go to jewellers and ask for work. Sensing the desperate condition of their finances Suresh agreed to go to the jewellers next day.
After Dina Nath passed away, the jewellers started giving the work to other diamond cutters. When Suresh asked for work they simply started making excuses. Some would ask him to come next week, others would shoo him away. 
Disappointed and feeling dejected he reached home. The future look bleak to him as he was not conversant with any other trade except diamond cutting.
A few days later, a man knocked on his door. It was a jeweller from neighbouring town who had brought some diamonds to be carved. When told that Dina Nath was no more alive, he showed his sympathy and started to leave. Hesitatingly, Suresh told the jeweller how father had personally trained and groomed him for diamond cutting and polishing.
Though, the jeweller was apprehensive about artistic skills of Suresh, yet, he gave him a chance to prove his claim. That day, he gave him only one diamond for carving with a promise that if his work was as good as his father’s then more work would follow.
Suresh worked the whole night to cut and polish that diamond, and next morning presented it before the jeweller.  
Looking at the marvelously carved diamond the jeweller patted Suresh’s back and said 
” Who says Dina Nath is not alive. Dina Nath is standing in front of me as Suresh.”  
These words brought tears in Suresh’s eyes and he could distinctly feel the aura of his father around him.
Father’s blessings and teachings are divine, follow them and work diligently to succeed in life.

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