English Short Story-Become Clever

Become Clever
All the people in the village were troubled by him. His name was Jagdish, who was a crooked man. Because, everyone was afraid of him, so no one dared to speak in front of him.


Whenever there was a Panchayat (Village Assembly) or some other gathering in the village, he would rush to occupy the chair of the Sarpanch (Village Headman) and would sit on it and keep twisting his mustache. Forcing the Sarpanch to stand and address the gathering.
After getting fed up of his behaviour villagers would huddle in groups, to make plans to teach Jagdish a lesson, but the plans stayed unexecuted as everyone feared him and none came forward to take the initiative.
Radhe, son of the a villager, had come to the village to meet his parents as he studied and lived with his maternal grandmother in a faraway town. 
When the problem reached his ears, he made a plan in his mind. He went to the Sarpanch and requested that he should call a Panchayat two days later in the evening when it is getting a little dark. And he told the whole plan to Sarpanch. Upon hearing the plan Sarpanch immediately agreed.
Two days later, when darkness was about to set in, the Panchayat began to start. All people of the village, women, children, elderly sat on the mats in front of the chair reserved for the Sarpanch and were eagerly waiting for his arrival.
And as usual, before the arrival of the sarpanch, Jagdish badamash (Hoodlum) walked in and sat on the chair of the Sarpanch, twisting his mustache. All the villagers started whispering among themselves, but no one dared to ask him to rise.
Just a few minutes had elapsed when the villagers saw, that Jagdish was sitting on the chair, but was desperately itching on his arms, thighs, legs and on stomach.
Seeing him scratch like a crappy dancer all those villagers started to laugh hysterically.
Despite itching and sensing no relief Jagdish took out his Kurta (Upper Garment) and threw it away. After some time, he had to take off his Dhoti (Lower Garment) too to get some relief but without any luck. He was standing half naked in front of the entire village who were making cat calls and laughing at him.
Looking at his own condition and with everybody making fun of him, he felt ashamed and ran away from there. After that day, he never came to Panchayat meetings nor dared to sit on that chair ever.
Want to know what Radhe’s plan was?
Taking advantage of darkness, Radhe let loose many ants on the chair. And those ants started to bite Jagdish which was the cause of that itching.
Look how, Radhe solve the problem of the villagers with his cleverness.
That is why it is said, that if you want to move forward then become clever.


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