Birbal the wise man

There was no well in Ramlal’s farm and due to lack of rain, there were drought on his farm. There was a ripple of greenery around. But in Ramlal’s farm, it was just devastation due to lack of rains.
The farm adjacent to his farm was of a greedy person, Bhim Singh. There were two wells in his field due to which the crop was always rich.
Ramlal thought that if I buy a well from Bhim Singh, then my crop will too get plenty of water. With this idea in mind, he bought a well by paying handsome money to Bhim Singh.
The next day Ramlal happily reached the farm and started taking water from his newly bought well. But Bhim Singh reached there and stopped him from taking water from the well.
When asked for the reason Bhim Singh replied “You have bought a well but water in it is mine. If you want water, then you have to pay the money separately.”
Sad and dejected poor Ramlal started walking towards his house. He was not expecting that Bhim Singh would fall so low because of greed. When he reached home, he told his wife the whole story. Both were stunned.
With sadness in their hearts both decided that the justice would be found only in the court of Emperor Akbar.
Ramlal reached the court of Emperor Akbar next day. He narrated to emperor he was being cheated by a greedy moneylender. On hearing Ramlal’s plight the Emperor called upon Birbal and asked him to solve the strange case. 
After hearing the case in detail Birbal ordered his soldiers to present Bhim Singh before the court.
When Birbal asked Bhim Singh for the reason of refusal of water to Ramlal, he repeated the same thing he had said to Ramlal earlier. “Sir, he has bought a well from me but not the water in it.” 
On hearing this Birbal’s mind came into action and he cleverly solved the whole issue out of Bhim Singh’s own contention.
“Bhim Singh, I fully agree with you that Ramlal has bought only the well and not water in it, so it means that the water belongs to you.” Listening to this favorable comment Bhim Singh beaming with happiness readily said yes.
It was then Birbal pronounced his judgement
“It is now settled that the well belongs to Ramlal, therefore, Bhim Singh has no right to use Ramlal’s well for storing his water. Bhim Singh, will immediately remove his water from that well. “
As soon as Bhim Singh heard the judgement his head started spinning, his knees became weak. He fell on Birbal’s feet asking for pardon. Birbal asked him to seek Ramlal’s forgiveness instead. 
Realizing he was cornered due to his greed, Bhim Singh immediately apologized to Ramlal and agreed and said with folded hands, that the well and its water belonged to Ramlal.
See, how a greedy person was unable to cheat an honest man due to cleverness of Birbal, the wise man.

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