Each fruit has its distinct sweetness in their taste and every fruit is storehouse of minerals and vitamins which should be included in child’s eating habits. Remember old saying “an apple a day keeps doctor away”. Let your child recognize each fruit by its name.   हमारी साइट ब्राउज़ करें

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What will be nature without flowers. They look so lovely with different hues of colors and spreading various fragrances. Just looking at them makes our lives worth living. Inculcate the importance of mother nature in your child.   हमारी साइट ब्राउज़ करें

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Children are the nosiest and happiest when taken to zoo. Animals of various sizes and their different shouts amaze and enthrall children. Even television is full of cartoons which depict animals which one does not encounter in everyday life.    हमारी साइट ब्राउज़ करें

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