Basic Hindi Words
with Pronunciation

Learning Basic Hindi Words will surely help you in understanding or while conversing in Hindi language, however, we have tried to make learning more easier with our Hindi Conversation section. There you will come across real time conversation in English, Hindi, Transliteration and Hindi Pronunciation.


 Words in English  Words in Hindi Transliteration Audio
 Afraid  भयभीत Bhay-bheet   
 Amazed  हैरान  Hai-raan  
 Angry  गुस्सा
 Beautiful  सुंदर
 Bored  ऊबा हुआ   Uba Hua  
 Delighted  प्रसन्न  Pra-sann  
 Embarrassed  शर्मिंदा  Shar-minda  
 Happy  खुश  Khush  
 Hate  नफरत  Naf-rat  
 Impolite  असभ्य  A-sabhya  
 Kind  मेहरबान  Mehar-baan  
 Love  प्यार  Pyar  
 Painful  दर्दनाक  Dard-naak  
 Sad  उदास  Ud-das  
 Sensitive  भावुक  Bha-vuk  
 Tired  थका हुआ  Thaka Hua  
 Worried  चिंतित  Chin-tit  

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