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Teach your kids

The joy of seeing your toddler take those baby steps is the most cherished dream of every parent. We can visualize that toothless smile with which the child utters first words “mamma’ ‘papa”. Sleeping in own world the child smiles, giggles or frowns and we rush to capture those expressions in our heart. Wonderful, Happy Parenting!!

Few months later the child starts growing and able to hold the spoon in tiny hands, crawls behind curtains and under bed, spills the water on floor and sits over it, tries to walk and climb over bed…and so many other everyday joys.

Remember, the day is not far when your child will start speaking few words, words that the child picks up on hearing you, without understanding their meaning. Do not forget that the Child has both ears open and the mind is capturing whatever happens around.

Then the child starts recognizing own name, starts knowing meaning of “Yes” or “No”, starts to respond to emotions like love, anger, laughter.


When the child is around a year old it is time to teach words which relate to body, while repeatedly pointing to them, like nose, eyes, hands, cheeks, hair, stomach etc. Later you can take this forward by asking the child to name objects while you talk to him like asking “where is your nose?” and then holding nose to say “oh, here it is”. This starts a child’s relationship with objects and their names.

A child starts to learn by making connection between names and objects seen or heard. You can start teaching him words like “dog” pointing to a barking dog or “cat” on hearing a cat meow or “car” by showing a car on road. When the child is grown enough to speak words and comprehend their meaning, it is the right time to start teaching words and their meaning in your mother tongue. It will be easy and least confusing for the child to pick these if started at an early age.

Why worry, we have the most comprehensive and concise methodology
to teach Hindi to your children.

The best method to teach a child is through visual method where the child can relate a word with some real thing. The method speeds up the process of learning.

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